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Invisible Borders Road Trip Project: The Book

05 May 2015 | by Emeka Okereke

The Invisible Border book has been in the making since 2013. We plan to return to it with hopes of completing the volume by November 2015. This will allow us incorporate recent developments such as the Lagos - Sarajevo Road Trip Project (2014) and the Venice Biennale Installation: A Trans-African Worldspace (2015).

The book will be composed of two complimentary sections: (1) the book as a paper print, and (2) the web archive/ application. This will not be one content divided into two, but one will be an extension of the other.

This book will assemble images, and texts from the past five editions of the road trip as well as thought processes  that led to the 56th Venice Biennale Installation: A Trans-African Worldspace –  in an attempt to articulate many discoveries and experiences of the project so far. The content of the book will be mainly photographs, texts (articles, blog entries, conversations, etc).

Due to the performative, interactive nature of the project, it becomes necessary to build an extention of the book in form of a web platform (website and smartphone app) which will serve as an archive for materials such as video, audio, and fact reports which links to the book with the aid of QR flash codes.

In this web archive, texts, video, and audio will discuss the complexities of borders, the history, the artistic creation in the context of movement, as well as artists and their experiences.

Prominent African scholars, writers and art historians such as Achile Mbembe, Akinbiyi, Manthia Diawara and our own Emmanuel Iduma will be invited to contribute texts to the book from various point of view.

The reader of the Invisible Borders book will enjoy a fluid navigation of images, texts, in different rythms and layers, from the photographs by the photographers to the writings and reflections on the road trip by writers and art historians. With the use of QR flash codes, the reader is directed to the web archive at intervals for a detailed multimedia interactive experience. The web archive/ app extends the book beyond the paper print to incorporate historical and contemporary references.

1. Book Cover.
2. Inside page of book with layers of sheets
3. Inside page showing different layout
4. Inside page showing layout of images and text

The book is designed by Kummer & Hermann Studio and published by Invisible Borders Trans-African Photographers Organisation

The Web Interface is managed by Lotsofpeople

You can already pre-order your copy of the book via the Invisible Borders online Store

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