Announcing Participants of Borders Within: The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip 2016

19 April 2016 | by Ellen Kondowe

As we near the launch of the 'Borders Within 2016: Trans-Nigerian Road Trip', we are eager to announce the filmmakers, photographers, writers and administrators journeying with us from 12 May 2016- 26 June 2016, for the 6th edition of the Invisible Borders Trans-African Organization's Road Trips:

Final Artist Announcement Blocks BW and Green with Names

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Beginning in and returning to Lagos, these artists – employing a subjective gaze – will focus primarily on reflecting the voices of individuals – the average Nigerians. We will move circularly, across Nigeria, as we endeavor to map diversity across states, regions and ethnicities, through several Nigerian cities and towns, whose history shaped and continue to shape a contemporary Nigerian identity.

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