Novo Isioro

Novo Isioro is a Nigerian photographer, who presently lives and works in Nigeria.

Her art explores the relationship she often has with herself and her immediate society. Her work is influenced by social issues, need to emphasize reality, historical events and in a way uses them to tell stories about the dynamism of a society. She explores the idea of “passing times”, and the general concept of “being”. She uses her image in a narrative way – by telling a story with her image(s), she emphasize her own reality. Her work has been published in Local and international magazines and newspaper recently Le Monde (African series 2015). She is working on a life-time project: The Corporate Life of a Market Woman – which explores the relationship the woman being the major dominance of the market arena has with herself and her work influence on the African economy. URUPE in Nigeria- explores the severe trapped state of electricity in Nigeria and the lack of escape route. When she is not photographing, she is dancing salsa.


  • Where the Nile meets – Sudan 2014
  • Lagos Photo Festival (Group exhibition), Lagos 2013
  • Addis Foto Fest, (Invisible Borders Group Exhibition) Ethiopia 2012
  • Biennale Benin, (Invisible Borders Group Exhibition) Benin 2012


  • NIPHEC – Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference, Nigeria 2015
  • Bakarsi Pennisul’Art , Cameroon 2014
  • Master class with Akinbode Akinbiyi (Sudanese Photographers Organisation/Invisible Borders) Sudan, 2013
  • Invisible Borders Trans-African Photography Project 4th Edition Road trip Nigeria-Cameroon-Gabon, 2012
  • TNI-ACP, Lagos 2014


  • Professional Photographers of America
  • Black Female Photographers
  • Invisible Borders Trans-African Organisation
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