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The Trans-African: A Journal of Reflection on African Art and Visual Culture

22 January 2016 | by Emeka Okereke

Throughout 2016, three writers will write and publish essays on a monthly basis, related to topics that explore implications and use of imagery in the African historical context.

“We gather as critics to write about images with clarity and perceptiveness, drawing from histories of literary and artistic production. Our focus is on the contemporary African image environment, and in ways of seeing. Our aim is to focus on clear critical writing that is accessible, prescient, and true to the cultural and artistic idiosyncrasies of the continent of Africa. The Trans-African will bother itself with the essential question: how do you write about African art in a way that situates it in conversation with visual culture, cultural production, and politics? The Trans-African will publish lengthy essays that, although dealing with highly complex subjects, are addressed to a broad public, and remain remarkably direct and expressive” – Emmanuel Iduma, Contributing Editor.

By showcasing independent art writers from Africa the platform offers monthly reflections on images and visual phenomena connected to African visual culture. Rooted in historical and literary sources, the writing consists of personal essays in which style mirrors content: the writing’s clarity of style is similarly its clarity of ideas.

The journal is part of a longterm publication project of criticism in book form.

2016 Contributors:

  • Emmanuel Iduma
  • Ndinda Kioko
  • Moses Serubiri

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