Borders Within II: Help us in your City

05 October 2017 | by Emeka Okereke

Last year, we embarked on the first leg of The Trans-Nigerian Road Trip, Borders Within. The project saw participating artists visit 14 states and 16 cities, employing a subjective gaze while focusing primarily on reflecting the voices of individuals – the average Nigerians.

This year, we shall attempt to finish what we started last year by travelling across 12 Nigerian states. The Road Trip is slated to happen between October 16 and November 16, 2017. Participants of Borders Within II shall focus once more on the goal of mapping diversity across different regions, states and ethnic formations in contemporary Nigeria. Artists will work on individual projects from their interactions with the places and people and create works that will encourage conversations about our similarities and differences as a nation.

We are hereby reaching out to everyone familiar with these regions we shall be visiting to help us in their location. We will need you to provide assistance with the following:


-Information on landmarks and historical centres in your area

-A contact who will serve as a guide

-Provision of accommodation to participants

-Offering of media platforms for participants to present their work


Please note that all of this is on pro bono basis. Your contribution means a lot in making this a collective endeavour.

How to reach us? Send an email with any information you have (elaborate as much as possible on your intentions) to:

Innocent Ekejiuba

Project Manager, Invisible Borders


Below are the cities we shall be visiting:


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