Artist portfolio

Artist portfolio

Uche Okpa-Iroha


The stereotype is all too familiar regarding Africa – a continent viewed as been on the edge in perpetuity with is contingent paradoxes - chaos, instability, famine and disease. Even a routine travel within or across a border is deemed a hellish experience! A typical generalisation no doubt but are there elements of truth in this argument? ECOWAS1 wide treaty means nothing and makes little sense to the hungry-looking and corrupt officialdom that man the border posts. Their only interest is what’s in their “VICTIMS” pocket and how to get their crooked fingers on what little money you have in your possession. They detain you in hot stinking rooms until you “cough up” – only then will they allow you to continue on your “miserable” journey. So one may ask what is the ethos behind the treaties signed by our leaders under the auspices of ECOWAS? The answer: to facilitate trade and free movement of citizens within and across national borders.


Not always death, but a place of peace. A shield, not by man but for man.
Like the quietness of a serene river side. A rest, devoid of intrusion and
contamination by mortal conflicts and contradictions.
Its depth, neither too deep nor shallow. A place of equilibrium for the spirit,
soul and body. Tranquillity can be sought for, but where? In the space which
is the mind. A free mind is the mental workplace for creativity (good or evil).
Finding rest in an unknown territory…is searching for safety and stability.
Safety while I rest and stability of the mind because I have someone watching
over me. Transiting across the divide, the place of demarcation, looking for a
meeting point where I would off load my burden in an exchange.
In tension, I’m soaked craving to reach the no mans land… the place in
between. Can I find rest now though hesitant of crossing the border into the
unknown knowing my fate? I can only be an initiate or a transgressor some
kind of alien.
With courage and hope….
God rested on the seventh day of creation; a type and shadow… so that I can
find rest.