Artist portfolio

Artist portfolio

Teresa Menka

Khartoum, Sudan

This is a series I worked on for “the where the Niles meet” master class in Khartoum, Sudan. The series focuses on the beds i encountered whiles in Sudan and the immediate space where i found them, from courtyards to workshops etc.

Beds are an intricate part of life everywhere, very much the focus of interior life and a piece of furniture that represents rest sleep and wealth.

In Sudan beds are very visible and have a multifunctional role. In everyday life beds serve as a sleeping as well as sitting place. It’s more than just a bed because it has various possibilities for use. Women do part of their housework on them as well as using it has a drying place for dishes and deposit for various things clothing, pots etc. I came across traditional beds (angareb) made of wooden frames, woven rope very popular in Sudan. More modern day beds are made of metal frames and springs. The color and beauty of the woven ropes adds to the design of the beds.

During the day the beds serve as places to sit and rest, and at night as place for sleeping. The number of beds depends not only on number of household members; there is always more in case of guest. This is embodies the hospitality of the Sudanese people.

This series was exhibited as part of Invisible Borders space-installation "A Trans-African Worldspace" at the 56th Venice Biennale of Arts