Artist portfolio

Equilibrium. The new addis, Piassa, Addis Ababa

Artist portfolio

Ala Kheir

Ala Kheir

Although Khartoum and addis are very different in terms of Nature, weather, language, and vibes, I find it very welcoming and similar to the feel I find in khartoum my home city.

The trip to addis was quick, the landscape changes rapidly transiting from the flat khartoum to the green hills of Addis and this of course changes how everything is done. Yet despite the distance I still feel the connection and the smooth transition between the two cities.
the images here record my encounters in both.

These works were made on the 2011 road trip from Khartoum to Addis Ababa. They were exhibited as part of the Invisible Borders space-installation, "A Trans-African Worldspace" at the 56th Venice Biennale of Arts.

Equilibrium. The new addis, Piassa, Addis Ababa
Goha Bridge, Over the Blue Nile in the Amhara Region
Khartoum Arabic market, The juice Maker.
Khartoum,  Renovation
First Street Encounters in Piassa, Addis Ababa
Construction Worker on his Planet, Addis ababa.
Addis Ababa,  Merkato walks
Early morning in Merkato, Addis ababa
Merkato encounters 1, Addis Ababa
Merkato encounters 2, Addis Ababa
Merkato Encounters 3, Quiet Morning at the corner of Merkato. Addis Ababa
A dance,  Road Construction in Addis Ababa Streets
Piassa Back Roads, Addis Ababa
Re-whitening of a Dental Clinic, Addis Ababa
I enjoy what I sell. music shop, Addis Ababa
The 50's buidings of Piassa, Addis Ababa
Merkato Encounters 4, Addis Ababa
Merkato Encounters 5, Addis Ababa