Pamela Tulizo Kamale

Pamela Tulizo, is a documentary photographer based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Goma.

After two years of practice in journalism, she was decided to become a photographer because with the camera it is possible to say aloud what she thinks in a whisper. She is motivated and inspired by her personal story where her family and community could not accept her as a photographer because they believed it was a man’s job.

Because of the scarcity of art schools in her city, she was trained in photography by a mentor. As a freelancer she works on the image of the women in her community. Wherever she is, her goal is being able to show the other side of the woman that most people do not want to accept: her strength, her power, her capacity, her determination, her beauty.

Her artistic approach to women is to be able to tell their story, in many ways, since in each community women are treated and seen differently. Her goal is to break the psychological barriers that has been planted since times past, dictating what women can and cannot do.

After 3 years of practice, she has led two exhibitions in Goma, on the promotion of women leaders in society at Yole Africa, women in the labor market, women at home, in Lubumbashi. Her work on women has appeared at theĀ  Lubumbashi Biennal, and in different projects like ELLE equals IL Kinshasa, Congo Harlem in New York, Kinshasa.

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