Marie-Laure Kamatali

Having graduated with a Masters in Communication Studies at the VUB in Brussels followed by an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from Fordham University.

It is through her studies that she discovered her passion for deconstructing narratives. But also researching opportunities to build new ones that serve as tools of empowerment and emancipation. Marie-Laure seeks to explore questions pertaining to themes such as exile, belonging, identity and diaspora in her writing and her work.

So far, her professional journey has taken her to Belgium, France, the USA and Australia; developing skills and knowledge in various domains such as public policy in the tech world, cultural advocacy, community organizing and a short stint in diplomacy. Her most treasured experience to date was being a part of the Melbourne-based grassroots youth-led organization In Our Own Words where through creative projects, we sought to build platforms of expressions for members of the African diaspora in Victoria.

Marie-Laure is currently based in Brussels.

Marie-Laure Kamatali is a former Head of Communications and Public Relations as well as Assistant to the Artistic Director.


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