James Bekenawei

Bekenawei James Robert is a Nigerian writer who accidentally found photography while studying in The Philippines.

He tells pictures, snap stories, question answers and is addicted to black and white and has¬†always been intrigued about humanity. James started with writing , found photography while studying in the Philippines and currently flirting with cinematography. So he is a fine blend of all three. He sees himself as a documentary photographer because he is intrigued with society. One of his life goals is to tour the Niger Delta region and do short films and documentaries. He believes that the riverine areas are often ignored because of difficulty of access and security challenges but there are bundle of stories there waiting to be hatched. And also that we have a wonderful maritime environment that if properly documented will stun National Geographical and Discovery channel. We shouldn’t wait for others to do it for us, with the right funding we can tell our stories. We will rid them of bias and paint a picture of how we want the world to see us. James sees Invisible Borders as a step in the right direction for him. He is also currently a co-admin of IgersNigeria; the official Instagrammers Nigeria community sharing Nigeria visual stories since 2016.

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