Carina Tenewaa Kanbi

Carina Kanbi works as a freelance project manager while studying for her Ph.D.

She lives in Accra, Ghana.

For as long as she can remember she has been passionate about citizenship, identity, belonging and mobility across the continent. Carina graduated from the University of Glasgow, where she studied in politics, specialising in West African political systems. She spent the next five years working for the British Council on projects across Africa focused on youth employability and education. Identity politics have always been important to her, and she is passionate about exploring journeys. Of particular interest is how documenting and disseminating those journeys can inspire and shape future mobility.

Carina holds a Master’s of Science in Sociology from the University of Amsterdam. The focus of her work being intraregional and continental migrations. Having worked in youth skill development, she is passionate about sustainable and organic solutions for youth unemployment across Africa that also address vital skill shortages.

Journeys are of particular interest to her. Thus, her Ph.D looks at understanding and documenting journeys of young mobile West Africans.

Carina is on the board of Khan Foundation Nigeria and works as an administrator on employability and inclusion initiatives across West Africa.

Carina is a former Head of Operations and Corporate Relations for Invisible Borders.

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