Nyancho NwaNri

Nyancho NwaNri is a Gamgerian filmmaker and photographer whose work revolves around African culture, history, languages, spirituality, ethnic/cultural identity.

She graduated with a Bsc (Hons) Digital Animation and Production from the University of Greenwich, UK. She is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer who started her career at Disney’s ESPN and has since worked in the Film and TV industry in the United Kingdom and across West Africa.

Her works have been exhibited at various film and photography festivals locally and internationally including:

  • Videoex Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, 2018
  • Chale Wote Festival, Accra, Ghana, 2017
  • Ndiva Women’s Film Festival, Accra, Ghana, 2017
  • Tamerri Festival, Abuja, Nigeria, 2016,
    and she has also taken part in several group exhibitions in Nigeria.

Nyancho NwaNri was the curator of the photography exhibition at the inaugural edition of Tamerri Festival- a first of its kind arts and culture festival in Nigeria, and is also an accredited Canon film and photography trainer under the Canon Miraisha Programme,
conducting trainings and workshops across Africa.

Gamgerian means Gambian-Nigerian. Born to a Nigerian father and a Gambian mother, she identifies as Gamgerian, as she confronts society’s notions of identity and belonging in her daily life, flying the flag for each country of her heritage with equal zest,
passion and vigor.

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